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Travel and study Russian Language in Sochi city
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Why Sochi?
See one of the most beautiful Russian cities, which hosted the XXII Olympic Winter Game
It's warm 😉
Sochi, the pearl of the Black sea, is situated in the Southern part of Russia. It's famous for its beautiful beaches, unique nature and healing climate.
It's a great place to visit
Sochi is famous worldwide for hosting the winter Olympic games in 2014. There is the best skiing area in Russia there.
Also it was and is a very popular place among Russian political leaders.
It's different
Russia is a huge country with lots of unique places and cultures. You'll be surprised how distinctive is each place's atmosphere. Sochi is great example of Russian southern culture.
It's easy to get to
There are lots of flights to Sochi from Moscow and Saint-Petersburg every day. The distance between Sochi and the Russian capital is about 1500 km, 2 hours and 30 minutes by plain.
What you get
✓ Focus on communication
✓ Essential survival language skills just in one week
✓ Study useful conversation topics: "Meeting New People", "In a Restaurant", "In a Shop", "Buying tickets", "Asking the Way", "Getting Around the City"
✓ Practical lessons outside the classroom
✓ Certificate at the end of the course

The Course
20 academic hours of Russian language classes
*Minimum level to join the course – A1
Apply for the course and get 10% discount
Visit the most interesting places in Sochi:
25 March
Sochi city tour
26 March
Stalin's legacy. Bus tour to Ahun mountain and Stalin's summer house
27 March
Sochi Olympic Park Objects of the Olympic Games 2014
28 March
Krasnaya Polyana Skiing Area
The course price is 555 euro
It includes
- 20-hour language course
- Sochi city, Olimpic park, Ahun mountain and Stalin's summer house bus tours with a professional English speaking guide
- railway trip to Krasnaya polyana skiing area with a few hours of free time to go up to Rosa peak
"Enjoy Russian" Language School has been offering courses since 2004 in Petrozavodsk, Karelia. As 2019 has been declared to be a year of exploring Russia we have decided to take our courses around Russia. Sochi is our first destination, in May we are going to Kazan, and in September – to Baikal Lake. Join us if you want to see different Russia!
Alina Aleshina
Education coordinator, teacher with more than 10 years
of experience in teaching Russian as a foreign language.
"I love my job, because I can see its results every day seeing progress in my students".
Ekaterina Astafeva
Teacher of Russian as a foreign language since 2015
"Being in love with the Russian language, culture, traditions and people, I am truly happy to be able to share my knowledge and experiences with my students".
The classes are going to be hold in two hotels' conference rooms:
Medik and Denart
(Sochi city center, just 5 minutes' walk from the train station).
You can choose any of these hotels to stay at.
If you have problems when booking the hotel, please contact us
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